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‘a Way to Go’

'a Way to Go'‘a Way to go’ is an oil painting I have recently completed and was inspired by a walk I did a few years ago in the lake district up to Grisledale Pike.

The painting has been the outcome of a months work, in which I have been exploring the theme of going on a journey, by removing all the clutter of modern living and getting out into nature. The detail in the path, focuses the viewers initial attention, proceeding then to continue the viewers gaze though out the image, to create a feeling of stillness.

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Oil Painting Tips and Tricks

Katie’s Oil Painting Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Before you start prim any paper you plan to use with 2-3 layer’s of Gesso to prevent the oil seeping though the paper.

Tip 2: Buy some baby wipes. They are a great way to clean your brush between colours. But inshore you wipe it clean before using it for the next colour as it could leave an oily residue on the bristles.

Tip 3: Collect spare bit of cotton fabric to use as rags, to wipe clean your brushes. I wash my rags in warm soppy water between painting sections to avoid them going all stiff and with dried out crusty old pint.

Tip 4: Use a plate for a palette, it is easy to wipe clean after each use.

Tip 5: Invest in a palette knife; it will help you to scrape of any dried oil paint of your palette.

Tip 6: Rather than using the traditional white spirit and linseed oil, (which if you’re anything like me, find the smell to overpowering), use Zesit – a citrus smelling solvent and paint thinner.

Tip 7: Zinc White and Ivory black, take ages to dry so be aware of this while painting.

Tip 8: For your first layer of paint mix with a thinner to help plot out your painting and to speed up the drying time, creating thicker layers as you wish.

Tip 9: If you wish to reuse the colour on your palette, cover your palette with cling film to help prevent them drying out and wasting paint.

Tip 10: Finally, wash up after yourself! Clean your brushes by using a bar of soup and rubbing them into your palm before then rinsing them in water. This prevents the bristles sticking together and ruining your brushes.

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Latest completion

Oil Painting on canvas.

Following my latest interest in nature and the de-cluttering of the mind from the digital world we are in. This image was inspired by the fixation on reflection of light and contrasting colors with in our natural world.

'Red Sky at Night' Oil on Canvas (£50)
‘Red Sky at Night’ Oil on Canvas (£50)
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New art direction

While I was sat in my studio the other day I looked out my window to the street and shops down below, people were rushing around, heads down, head phones in, talking on the phone, busy walking fast from one shop to another. I then looked behind me at the painting of the lack district I had been working on and became absorbed in the difference I felt looking at the painting to looking at the busy street, I felt stillness. How often do we get to be still in this new digital world?

This moment has inspired me into a new creative project:

Glance. Snap. Capture. Send. Delete. Empty. Replace.

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Preparing for ‘Mermaid and Miller’ June Open exhibtion

I have left the watercolors behind for know in favor of the rich colours, and forgiving drying speed, of Oil Paints.

Looking for inspiration for my next project. I went back to a part of Yorkshire that has been part of family days, what ever the wither, since I was very young. Yet despite its familiarity however, the ruins of Fountains Abby, in Ripon North Yorkshire, still contain a quite shaded beauty when ever I see it.

'Fountains Abby' - Oil on Canvas Board ,  2014
‘Fountains Abby’ – Oil on Canvas Board , 2014
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Up coming exhibition…


An exhibition in RIPON, displaying the works of 5 neighboring artists, coming together to present an exhibition of a variety of art:

5 Peckfield – John Page – Abstract Painting
7 Peckfield – Katie Stanbridge – Drawing and Realism Painting
8 Peckfield – Ann Holdon – Textile Art & Catherine Slater – Mixed Media Art

29th June – 1st July 2012