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Preparing for ‘Mermaid and Miller’ June Open exhibtion

I have left the watercolors behind for know in favor of the rich colours, and forgiving drying speed, of Oil Paints.

Looking for inspiration for my next project. I went back to a part of Yorkshire that has been part of family days, what ever the wither, since I was very young. Yet despite its familiarity however, the ruins of Fountains Abby, in Ripon North Yorkshire, still contain a quite shaded beauty when ever I see it.

'Fountains Abby' - Oil on Canvas Board ,  2014
‘Fountains Abby’ – Oil on Canvas Board , 2014
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Up coming exhibition…


An exhibition in RIPON, displaying the works of 5 neighboring artists, coming together to present an exhibition of a variety of art:

5 Peckfield – John Page – Abstract Painting
7 Peckfield – Katie Stanbridge – Drawing and Realism Painting
8 Peckfield – Ann Holdon – Textile Art & Catherine Slater – Mixed Media Art

29th June – 1st July 2012

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The artist studio

French Conceptualist Daniel Buren – “Of all the frames, envelopes, and limits – usually not perceived and certainly never questioned – which enclose and constitute the work of art (picture frame, niche, pedestal, place, church, gallery, museum, art history, economics, power, ect.) there is one rarely ever mentioned today that remains of primary importance: the artist studio.”