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The Dark Hedges

Inspired by my trip to northen Iraland at the end of last summer. I was captivated by the magnificent spender of these 300 year old beech trees. I have always been draw to natures natural sculptures and the intertwining of the branches contrasted by the strait smooth road moved me to paint them. I  have spent three months working on ‘The Dark Hedges’ an oil painting on canvas 60cmx90cm.

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Latest completion

Oil Painting on canvas.

Following my latest interest in nature and the de-cluttering of the mind from the digital world we are in. This image was inspired by the fixation on reflection of light and contrasting colors with in our natural world.

'Red Sky at Night' Oil on Canvas (£50)
‘Red Sky at Night’ Oil on Canvas (£50)

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New art direction

While I was sat in my studio the other day I looked out my window to the street and shops down below, people were rushing around, heads down, head phones in, talking on the phone, busy walking fast from one shop to another. I then looked behind me at the painting of the lack district I had been working on and became absorbed in the difference I felt looking at the painting to looking at the busy street, I felt stillness. How often do we get to be still in this new digital world?

This moment has inspired me into a new creative project:

Glance. Snap. Capture. Send. Delete. Empty. Replace.

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Preparing for ‘Mermaid and Miller’ June Open exhibtion

I have left the watercolors behind for know in favor of the rich colours, and forgiving drying speed, of Oil Paints.

Looking for inspiration for my next project. I went back to a part of Yorkshire that has been part of family days, what ever the wither, since I was very young. Yet despite its familiarity however, the ruins of Fountains Abby, in Ripon North Yorkshire, still contain a quite shaded beauty when ever I see it.

'Fountains Abby' - Oil on Canvas Board ,  2014
‘Fountains Abby’ – Oil on Canvas Board , 2014