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New Direction

Most recently I have been experimenting trying to find a fresh new and more emotive direction for my art. I experimented with may different mediums, jet I kept coming back to oils. the vibrant yet earthy nature of oils had a pull on me that I couldn’t ignore. however, I still wanted to move away from photo realism and stride towards something more ‘alive’, aiming to bring power and emotion into my art, something I have always struggled to achieve.

I began by thinking about what is important to me, what do I care about, what is the centre of my life, the things that bring up the most emotion. This is what led me to the subject for my new series of paintings

‘Inspired by God – Painted by Katie’

I started first with a rough textured base colour, trying to shape the image I wanted to with out the interference or distraction of colour. After this layer dried I then began adding on paint, using a limited colour pallet, scraping or rubbing the paint off and adding more. I felt this every interactive way of painting, enabled me, to become immersed in the image. I had started of with some images for guidance, however half way though I put the photos away and just focused all my attention on my painting, this was really important in enabling me to move away from my automatic reaction to copy exactly. It freed me to experiment, push boundaries and use other senses to guide me as I worked.

Keep Watching this space of updates of my lasts creations

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