Katie Isaac – Contempary realist painter

As an Artist with Autism I struggle to connect with others, there is so much in this world that is confusing and overwhelming. Art for me is a way to communicate, to connect with the world around me, to be part of a world that doesn’t always make sense, to translate this world into a language I understand.
I aim to share with you a common understanding and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.
My journey with art began as soon as I could hold a pencil, one of my earliest memories is emptying the cupboard under the stairs (a time before Harry Potter!) and making it into my own art studio. I struggled massively at school academically as well as socially, as I also have servere dyslexia. I never fit in, always felt confused and lost, except when I draw. I began to draw and paint my environment from a young age, as a way to escape by becoming totally absorbed and to process, understand and connect with my environment. It became a way to manage my anxiety in social situations or unfamiliar places.
Although I struggled with many of my more ‘academic’ GCSE’s, I passed one with outstanding performance; with my art teachers encouragement, I went on to study art at A-level, Collage and later, to everyone’s surprise (including my own!) at York St John University. After education I have begun the path I am currently on, learning to connect my enjoyment of nature, my Christian faith and my art together to create pieces that celebrate creation in all its glory.

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